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US District Court Rules Against Kirby

Dateline: 12/14/2016

On August 12, 2016 the United States District Court for the District of Connecticut issued its long awaited order and dismissed complaints and allegations by Bruce Kirby and Bruce Kirby Inc. against LaserPerformance and the International Laser Class Association.

The complaint filed by these plaintiffs alleged that the defendants were involved in a scheme not to pay royalties to Bruce Kirby and Bruce Kirby Inc., and illegally allowed the manufacturing of Laser sailboats by LaserPerformance.

The Court order confirmed that Mr. Kirby and Bruce Kirby, Inc. had no basis to sue LaserPerformance and denied and dismissed all such claims in entirety.

The Court order also emphasizes that Bruce Kirby has sold his interests to Global Sailing Limited of Australia. Global Sailing Limited is a group company and affiliate of Performance Sailcraft Australia, the Builder of Laser boats in Australia.

The decision can be found at here.

In its defense counterclaims against the plaintiffs, LaserPerformance sought to recover overpayments of royalties made by LaserPerformance to Bruce Kirby and Bruce Kirby Inc. over the years. This overpayment came to light in an accounting audit in preparation for the litigation initiated by Bruce Kirby.

The Court order of August 2016 allowed LaserPerformance to pursue such claims for overpayments against Bruce Kirby, Kirby Inc. and Global Sailing.

LaserPerformance will pursue its claims for overpayment of royalties with equal determination and will also focus its attention and resources to related infringements of its intellectual property rights by these parties and their affiliates. LaserPerformance has requested a trial date for its remaining claims by way of a motion filed on 12 December 2016.

For over three years LaserPerformance vigorously fought these false allegations at great expense to the company, its reputation and the sailing community it serves.

There is no victory in any litigation but LaserPerformance is pleased that it stands vindicated in pursuing the spurious and fraudulent claims made against it by Bruce Kirby, Kirby Inc. and Global Sailing of Australia.

Hopefully it now paves the road for us to supporting the sailing community around the world without further distraction and waste of resources.


July 6, 2016 - #ReadySetRio: Introducing the Laser 'Robert Scheidt' Limited Edition Boat

We are excited to share the news about a limited edition 'Robert Scheidt' Laser boat that is being offered exclusively by Negrinautica.

Robert Scheidt has been sailing in Rio for over 25 years and will be representing Brazil in the 2016 Olympic Games. As a special tribute to Robert, the Laser 'Robert Scheidt' was born, exemplifying Brazil's colorful spirit and Scheidt's contribution to the Laser community.

The Laser 'Robert Scheidt' is a unique model: a white hull, built exclusively by LaserPerformance, with the Brazilian flag colors and Robert’s signature, placed both on the side and on the special Hiking Strap Zhik grip II, circuits RS-XD with rope set created only for this edition by Gottifredi Maffioli in the diameters used by Robert -  a green version of Negrinautica’s and LaserPerformance logo, made for this occasion.

Only 30 days to go! #ReadySetRio

To view more details about the limited edition model, see more here.


May 23, 2016 - College Sailing National Championships: LIVE coverage from May 26 - June 3

It's that time of year again! We'd like to congratulate all of the teams who have qualified for Nationals this year taking place in San Diego at San Diego Yacht Club. LaserPerformance is thrilled to be the title sponsor, once again, of the Team Race Championship. Our goal in partnering with the ICSA is to develop and expand the existing collegiate sailing programs, and we are thrilled to extend our commitment for another seven years.

LIVE Coverage starts May 26 through June 3 - WATCH LIVE HERE


May 5, 2016 - #WorldofSunfish Series - Update 3


May 4, 2016 - #WorldofSunfish Series - Update 2


April 29, 2016 - #WorldofSunfish Series - Update 1


April 25, 2016 - OneLaser Update Q1 2016


Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Consumers and Stakeholders,

 Further LaserPerformance’s communication of January 4, 2016 (attached), we take this opportunity to update you on progress made in the first quarter of 2016 towards achieving our OneLaser strategy:


 We are excited about these and other initiatives in support of OneLaser. Our significant investment in new technologies, new premises and new processes will provide for optimized services in coming years. LaserPerformance will continue to update our community of progress made and new initiatives throughout the year.


April 8, 2016 - New Ice Blue Lasers Arrive at the Laser Worlds



April 6, 2016 - Sailing with Dolphins in Portugaldolphins.png

February 1st, 2016 - Iconic Sunfish Expands its Horizons


Sail, paddle, race, relax – it’s easier than ever to get out on the water with Sunfish.

Sunfish, a sailboat you know and love, began its life in the 1950s more of a flat surfboard with a sail and a rudder on it which influenced today’s design of windsurfs and stand up paddle boards.  The Sunfish quickly became the most popular dinghy boat in North America and represented, to many, family fun on the water and idyllic summers. 

After more than 60 years the thrill of Sunfish is still going strong. Known for its simplicity, the Sunfish sailboat provides the perfect platform for those seeking a recreational sailing experience and enjoyment with friends. It truly is a sailboat for everyone.

LaserPerformance’s commitment to the Sunfish continues with the new collection of Sunfish paddle boards, the first of many Sunfish-inspired products for those who enjoy an active lifestyle on the water.

Explore the World of Sunfish by visiting the new interactive site at www.worldofsunfish.com.  Filled with fascinating anecdotes about its modest beginnings, breathtaking photos, and engaging video content, LaserPerformance’s World of Sunfish has something for everyone.

The new buzzed-about Sunfish stand up paddle boards -slated to arrive April 2016- includes three types of boards: Sunfish Air SUP, Sunfish Sport SUP, and Sunfish Tour SUP.

“LaserPerformance has always strived to create memorable experiences for people. World of Sunfish is our newest platform to do just that,” says Bill Crane, LaserPerformance’s Chairman.

Whether you enjoy sailing or stand up paddle boarding, World of Sunfish has an adventure waiting for you.

To learn more about World of Sunfish, visit www.worldofsunfish.com. See you on the water.

January 13th, 2016 - 2016 LaserPerformance Collegiate Cup (LPCC) Official Video

Have you seen the latest video release for the LPCC 2016? More exciting event announcements to come! If you are interested in participating in LPCC or would like to learn about sponsorship opportunities, please visit the website.

January 4th, 2016 - OneLaser


Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Consumers and Stakeholders,

Since the early part of 2015, we have been in the process of examining what business model, operating structure and management structure would best fit LaserPerformance in the USA.During the second quarter of 2015, significant changes were introduced into the manufacturing side of the business involving outsourcing of low volume production and streamlining of high volume production in conformity to the manufacturing processes of Laser Sailboats in the UK; and the consolidation of the accounting and finance function into the UK. Recently, we have concluded our evaluations and decision making in whole and with the benefit of input from our management team in the UK, we would like to share its outcome with you.

The Board has decided to implement a business structure that would be wholly conforming in all respects with the structure and practices in the UK, under one management, all as one business, unified, consistent, together and operating as “one”. This initiative will be called “OneLaser” and will conclude by the end of 2016.

OneLaser would make the business coherent with One Strategy, One Vision, One Mission, One Structure, One Management and most important, as One Partner for our suppliers and customers. We are certain that this would enable us to bring best in class customer service to our dealers and retailers whilst servicing our consumers and end users, be it individuals or institutions, with excellence.

The most significant aspect of OneLaser is the leadership of the company by the UK team, which will be supported in the USA by the US team involving the following main functions:


Sales, Trade Marketing, Sales Operations, and Customer Service


Warehousing, Logistics, Reverse Logistics, and After Sales operations


Fleet Management, Event and Race Support, and Sponsorships



While your present contacts will remain the same, we are reviewing our organization to introduce further improvements and efficiencies. We hope to further communicate these improvements in the coming months. We understand these new changes might create concerns or upset for some of our stakeholder. We do however have commitment to and great confidence in this new OneLaser structure and we are certain that this would bring the focus and alignment for LPNA to get ready for future growth in the USA.

We have always stood behind our products and extended our after sales support beyond our obligations in a spirit of service. OneLaser initiative is focused on making sure that we continue to do so for the years to come.

December 23, 2015 - Experience the Laser Standard Mark II Sail in Action!

Learn more about the Mark II sail! Find more details here.


December 17, 2015 - Announcement

LaserPerformance is pleased to report that the European Union’s Office for the Internal Market, (Trademarks and Designs), has rejected Bruce Kirby and Kirby Incorporated’s challenge to LaserPerformance right to use the Kirby trademark for events.

 Information regarding the texts governing the procedure before the General Court, in Particular, the Rules of Procedure and the Decision on the lodging and service of The procedural documents by electronic means (e-Curia) may be consulted on the Curia Web-site at http://curia.europa.eu/jcms/jcms/Jo2_7040/.


September 16, 2015: LaserPerformance Announces Class Approved Laser Standard Mark II Sail


LaserPerformance is pleased to announce that the new Standard Mark II Sail has just been signed off by the Laser class and ISAF for most competition. The sail will not be legal for ISAF World Cup competitions nor for the 2016 Olympics. Following the Olympic Games in Rio, the sail will be class legal for all competition. This new class approved sail is more durable due to its bi-radial construction, it is manufactured out of longer lasting 4.5 ounce Dacron cloth with optimized sail patches, tapered battens with Velcro batten pocket closures, and the new luff tube design is easier on the upper spars.

Official launch of the class approved Mark II sail is set for November 1st, 2015 and we will accept pre-orders starting today on Laserperformance.com and through our dealers for the retail price of $530.

Now that the Mark II sail has been class approved, it is the perfect time to pre-order yours today.

If you purchased the Laser Mark II Training Sail earlier this year, remember to use your rebate coupon for $80 towards your new class approved Mark II sail.



  • Bi-radial construction
  • Larger window
  • Tapered battens in Velcro fastened pockets
  • Luff tube mast joint patch
  • 4.5 oz Dacron sailcloth
  • Optimized patching for durability
  • Red sunburst
  • ILCA Sail Button

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August 29th, 2015: Inaugural LaserPerformance Collegiate Cup Final Day and Results

Learn more about the annual LaserPerformance Collegiate Cup www.laserperformancecollegiatecup.com


August 27th, 2015: Inaugural LaserPerformance Collegiate Cup - Day 3 at Yale Corinthian Yacht Club

Learn more about the annual LaserPerformance Collegiate Cup here.


August 26th, 2015: Inaugural LaserPerformance Collegiate Cup - Meet the Teams

Learn more about the annual LaserPerformance Collegiate Cup here.


June 3, 2015: Adam Werblow Inducted into College Sailing Hall of Fame


Adam Werblow, LaserPerformance Institutional Sales Executive ( + All-around Guru), is 1 of 5 honorees inducted into the College Sailing Hall of Fame!
'For me, College Sailing is the greatest game on the planet,” says Adam Werblow. “To be selected for the Graham Hall Award and named to the Intercollegiate Sailing Association (ICSA) Hall of Fame is certainly one of the high honors of my life,” he says.

We are so proud of Adam’s high achievement and contribution within the sailing community. 27 years of coaching at St. Mary's College of Maryland and a lifetime devotion to help grow the sport of sailing, Adam epitomizes the Graham Hall Award. Congratulations and hats off to you, Adam!

March 5, 2015 Bucket List: Sailing in Panama


It was our pleasure to reach out to Força 3 Sailing Club Panama for some insider information about sailing in Panama.

Jacob Baró, Martí Ferrer and Yaiza Homs run the sailing school at Força 3 Sailing Club Panama. It is the only sailing school in Panama and it offers locals and tourists an opportunity to discover the natural beauty of Panama through sailing.

Best things about sailing in Panama?  "It’s always windy, the water is warm, and it’s always sunny. After some day trips, overnight trips and sailing experiences we can say the Laser Bahia is a perfect boat for anything you want to do. I can say it sails very well even when it is loaded with 4 camping tents, 4 adults, 4 personal bags, an anchor, 4 inflatable mattresses, 2 coolers, plus snorkel gear and more small stuff."

What are the kids’ first impressions of sailing?  "Their first impressions are amazing. They love it! They are good sailors, they know the sea. Some of them ask for the engine or think we are joking when we say we move with the wind force. It is really surprising for them. They all love the experience!"

Besides sailing what are some other activities people like to do?  "After sailing, there are fun activities to do on Contadora Island. People like snorkeling around Contadora beaches, visit the abandoned Ferry located on Playa Larga, eat at Casa Tortuga restaurant and lay down in Playa Ejecutiva or Playa Cacique."

See more about Força 3 Sailing Club Panama at their website: http://sailingclubpanama.com/



March 3, 2015 LaserPerformance Collegiate Website


After lots of hard work, the LaserPerformance Collegiate Cup finally has a homepage!

The LPCC draws together teams of university age sailors to compete in a unique and challenging event to be sailed in Z420's. It aims to provide the highest level of competition to young sailors from around the world.

Find the latest news, announcements and FAQ on the site. Feel free to ask questions or comment. We love your feedback!

Go explore at www.laserperformancecollegiatecup.com/.



February 25, 2015 LaserPerformance High School Invitational Series Announced

We are pleased to introduce the LaserPerformance High School Invitational 2015. This brand new series will allow local high school teams to participate in a day of collegiate style racing hosted by prominent universities. We are proud to be working with a very talented group of people at Interscholastic Sailing Association, Intercollegiate Sailing Association (ICSA), Yale Sailing, Georgetown University, George Washington University and other top universities around the country to bring this unique opportunity to the sport of sailing. First event will be held May 3rd, 2015 at Yale University followed by May 9th co-hosted by Georgetown and George Washington Universities.

For more information about the upcoming events or to register, visit the event website.



January 31, 2015 LaserPerformance Wins Laser Trademark Case Against Belgium Based Optiteam and Nautisch Centerum Delfzijl

On 19 January, 2015, the Court of Appeals in Antwerp denied the trademark infringement appeal from Belgian dealer OptiTeam BVBA and importer Natisch Centerum Delfzijl – Tecinvest BV, and upheld the original decision of September 24, 2013 which favored of LaserPerformance.

The lawsuit was brought against OptiTeam and Tecinvest for illegally importing and selling boats and parts manufactured by Performance Sailcraft Australia (PSA) for distribution into LaserPerformance’s territories in Europe including Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg. After review by the Court of Appeals in Antwerp, the appeal from OptiTeam has been dismissed and LaserPerformance has been declared the winner of the case on all points. The judgment firmly confirms that LaserPerformance is the only entity with the right to the Laser trademarks in Europe. Based on the outcome of the trial, LaserPerformance is entitled to financial compensation, assets can be seized, and OptiTeam BVBA and importer Natisch Centerum Delfzijl – Tecinvest BV are prohibited from any future violations.

LaserPerformance will continue to take any and all legal action against any entity who is illegally and systematically importing PSA, and other, manufactured boats and parts into our trademark territories that include Europe, North America, South America, Africa and most of Asia.




December 16, 2014- Holiday Bug Story




November 6, 2014- Better Planet: Infused Molding




November 4, 2014- GBR Sailor Nick Thompson Boat Pickup




November 4, 2014- Successful Sunfish World Championship




September 30, 2014- GBR Sailor Elliot Hansen Boat Pickup




September 19, 2014- New Mark II Laser Training Sail


       For more information or to preorder the Mark II sail, click here.



September 17, 2014- Introducing Seitech Dollies


          See more on Seitech Dollies for SUP and surf boards here.



August 11, 2014- Announcing the LaserPerformance Collegiate Cup 2015



July 25, 2014- Mahogany Sunfish Foils Are Back