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Made in UK



Special Highlight: Building Lasers in Banbury

An behind-the-scenes look at the people, precision and passion behind each Laser at the LaserPerformance factory in Banbury, UK.


Special Highlight: Interview with LaserPeformance Technical Manager Chris Tunstall

Technical Manager Chris Tunstall has been with LaserPerformance for over 30 years. Here's some of his insight into LaserPerformance boat building.

LP: What made you get into the field?

Chris: I was going to study Architecture. However, whilst reading “Ideal home”, I realized that my real passion was in boats, so I changed “tack” and Studied boat building technology/engineering and business management.

LP: What’s your sailing background?

Chris: I used to sail a fireball and changed to Laser in 1975.  I called my first Laser “Sheer enjoyment”.

LP: Name the most challenging part of your job?

Chris: To provide an excellent technical service in rapidly changing  global role.  The best – the variety of technical challenges and the people I work with.

LP: What things have surprisingly stayed the same over the 30 years? 

Chris: I don’t think anything is the same! Change and evolution doesn’t stop.     

LP: What is your favorite boat of the LaserPerformance line?

Chris: Firstly, the Laser, there is nothing quite like planning down the face of a wave in 30knts.  Secondly, the Pico.  Technically this was a major challenge.  No one had produced a product like this in 3 layer Polyethylene.   At one point we were going to drop the project. However, I had a conviction that it would work and be successful. It was a ground breaking product in our industry in the mid 1990’s.

Thanks Chris for the 30 years (and counting) of service as part of the LaserPerformance family!